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Carpets, During & Namdas in jaipur

Colourful and elegantly designed Carpets are available in Jaipur which have a wide export market. The industry existed and flourished right from the days of Maharaja Sawai Ram singh 2 (1835-1880), who established weaving workshops in prisons. It was from here that finest knotted pile carpets, kilims and embroidered materials were produced. The motifs generally used were the flora, fauna, landscapes, human figures and geometrics. Sawai Man Singh is envited weavers from Herat, the famous carpet centre in Afghanistan to set up looms in Jaipur and train local weavers.
Today, Jaipur is knows for Indo-Heratic designs in carpet arena. Although, with time the motifs have been largely localized, but the Persian influence on the hand knotted carpets produced here is quite evident. Durries are the humble country cousins of majestic carpets. It was once spread under carpets or beds , but in recent past they are in vogue in high fashion circles and are being used as alternate to carpets. Hand woven durries manufactured in Jaipur are known for the remarkable geometric patterns and colors. They command a sizable market segment in India as well as abroad. The namdas or felt rugs are soft woollen druggets with basic colours and are decorated with embroidery and applique work. Tonk and Jaipur are the main producing centr of namdas. This floor covering rug is widely used in Rajasthan. It can also be used as wall hangings.


Jaipuri Razais/Quilts

The world renowned Jaipur Razais or Quilts have a rich tradition. The antiquity of jaipuri Razai can be traced back to about 280years when a group of Mansuris (the cotton mattresses and quilt maker) shifted from Amber to Jaipur. Kadar Bux, a young razai maker gifted a jewel of razai (quilt), weighing only a pao (250gms. ) of cotton to Maharaja Madho Singh ji. The Maharaja was so impressed that he gave Kadar Bux the title of Patel and also awarded him with two shops which lie opposite to the Sawai Man Singh Hall adjacent to Hawa Hahal. Today, there are several small shops belonging to the descendants of Kadar Bus which carry rich tradition of Rajai making. The secret of Jaipuri quilts lie in the carding (dhunai) of the cotton. It us done by hand so that quilts remain wxtra light and extra warm. Basically, there are three types of quilts- cotton, velvet and silk, the velvet ones being the costliest. The price of a quilt is decided by the type of cloth and cotton used, and also the type of carding and stitching.

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Blue Pottery of Jaipur

The Blue pottery is a speciality of Jaipur. The art of this glazed blue pottery came to India from Persia. It flourished in the ancient days of Maharaja Ram Singh. The blue pottery made me of crushed quartz, fuller's earth and sodium sapphire, which is fired in kilns at high temperatures and is hand-painted in traditional colours. The colors used are blue (from the oxide of Cobalt) green (from the oxide of Copper) and white. Today, some pottery is also made translucent besides green and blue, a few other combinations evolved are - brown, dark blue and canary yellow. The blue pottery is generally designed very conventionally having the normal floral patterns, figures of different animals. The traditional articles available in blue pottery are - lamp shades , pots, surahi , jugs, tiles, soap dishes, beads, door knobs, ash trays and flower vases etc.

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Blue Pottery suppliers, dealers, distributors and manufacturers in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


Gangaur Festival

The most important local festival of the state of Rajasthan's is 'Gangaur'. It is observed throughout the state with great enthuiasam and devotion by the women folk who worship lord Shiva  and his consort goddess Parvati.
The name 'Gan' is synonymous to 'Lord Shiva' and 'Gauri' is goddess Parvati his consort. The festival signifies their marital happiness and conjugal bliss and falls in the Hindu month of 'Chaitra' i.e. March-April.The 16 day celebrations mark the winter  and the advent of spring- the time to rejoice and celebrate.

This exclusive ladies oriented festival is celebrated with great devotion in the city. On this day married as well as unmarried ladies observe a fast. The married women pray   for the welfare, well-being and long lives of their husband, while the young girls pray for good life partners, as, Gauri is a embodiment of perfection and conjugal love Ladies dress up colourfully, wear ornaments apply heena (mehandi) on their hands and worship. People purchase the idols of Isar and Gauri and place them at their homes for worship.
Ghevar the traditional sweet associated with Gangaur and Teej festivals is prepared and distributied.

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Rajsthani Kunadan Jewellery

Jewellery is the weakness of every shopper specially the ladies. the attractive Kundan jewellery is a speciality of Rajasthan . The Rajasthan lapidary displays superior skill in carving from hard stones such as jade, rock crystal, topaz, pearls, emeralds, agate etc. The stone setters create fabulous pieces of jewellery using the kundankari technique. In the typical Rajasthani Indian technique, the precious gem stones are set within the solid walls of gold. The Kundan jewellery features the precious gems on one side and the expertise of the 'Kundansaz' (those who make Kunadan jewellery by applying the gems). An original genuine Kunadan set crystal has a mellow , opaque appearance while an artificial kundan set is transparent as it glitters. Apart from Pandants, ear tings, small sindoor boxes and evan jewel cases are made in this fashion.

Gold Kundan jewellery shops in Rajasthan -
Amrapali Jewel

Address: Ajit Bhawan, Shop # 4,Rani Bagh
Circuit House Road
Jodhpur - 0

Location: Jodhpur

Phone: 2913250544

E-mail: jodhpur@amrapalijewels.com

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Description: Amrapali Jewels is located at Ajit Bhawan, Shop # 4,Rani Bagh , Circuit House Road , Jodhpur. This business specializes in Ear Ring Jewellery.


Gitanjali Jewels

Address: Solitaire Shop # 2, Mehran Tower,1st C Road
Jodhpur - 342003

Location: Jodhpur

Phone: 2912617365

Category: Diamond Jewellery in JodhpurJewellery in Jodhpur,Jewellery Showroom in Jodhpur

Description: Gitanjali Jewels is located at Solitaire Shop # 2, Mehran Tower,1st C Road , Sardarpura , Jodhpur. This business specializes in Diamond Jewellery.


P C Jeweller Private Limited

Address: 0
Residency Road
Jodhpur - 342011

Location: Jodhpur

Phone: 2912624032

E-mail: info@pcjewellers.com

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Description: P C Jeweller Private Limited is located at 0 , Residency Road , Jodhpur. This business specializes in Jewellery Showroom.


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Lakh bangles(lac bangles)

Beautifully coloured and designed bangles made of 'Lac' are produced in Rajasthan and they worn as a sign of good omen. The specialised area for lac work is shekhawati , where lac jewellery in different styles and shapes can be purchased and the variety available is astonishing. the jewellery is available from flat colours to iridescent and sometimes inlaid with sparkling glass, which may look as good as diamond work. The beautifully coloured glass bangles may be either plain or in various atractive designs. 

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Dhola-Maru The Great Love story of Rajasthan

Folk love story

 In rural India, the folk deity and the historical figure are only narrowly divided. The country abounds with legends, but their appeal has been much diminished by the rise of new figures more tangible than those of the old stories. The epoch of the film swept away much folk drama and music . Now television is completing the destruction. Shekhawati's murals reflect another age, in witch story~tellers played an important roles, where travelling actors caused a major stir when they arrived in each small town. A century ago, who would not have been able to indentify the Rajsthani folk heroes, Dhola and Maru? Today, few can!
    The stories are long and involved, tales of love, usually either across the barriers of cast, in which case they end sadly, or in the face of more transient tribulations, which the lovers win through, marry and live happily ever after. The artists usually pick out one scene to characterise the story.

DHOLA-MARU is far the most popular. Dhola is an historical figure, credited with the foundation of the Rajput kingdom of Amdber/Jaipur. Both he and Maru were tiny infants , children of rulers, when they were married . In such cases , the children return to their respective families until puberty. In this case, both forgot the marriage and, for political reasons, Dhola's father was keen to suppress the story. The narrative tells the adventures leading them back together. The picture almost always chosen  show the couple on a camel, fleeing robbers led by Umra-Sumra. As they close in, firing their muskets, Maru turns and lets fly a stream of arrows from her husband's bow.

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Dhola Maru story Read in hindi 

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Traditional Rajasthani Puppets (Kathputli)

The art of puppetry has a long tradition in Rajasthan. The puppets are fairly simple creation and are made of painted wooden heads draped with dresses made from old fabrics. The most quaint aspect of these puppets is the way their expressions are painted. these have large expressive eyes with arched eyebrows and a curling moustache for men or a nose ring for the women. several kinds of colorful puppets can be found displayed around Hawa Mahal. These make good inexpensive souvenirs for the visitors to treasure the fond memories of trip to Rajasthan.

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Rajasthani Traditional Leather ware

Rajasthani Traditional Leather ware -
'Mojari' or 'Juti' , made of soft leather is the popular footwear of Rajasthan and is also being liked in other parts of India and abroad. The intricately embroidered Mojari, is available in various colors and traditional designs. It also known for comfort and durability. There are several other beautiful leather articles like waterbags, fans, pouches, saddles etc. available in the city. Ramganj Bazar is good place for purchasing leather ware in Jaipur.

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Rajasthani Love Stories

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